Event Details:

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

3+ hours of intermediate* level classes with Sommer Gentry!

Rhodes College,  Bryan Campus Life Center
2000 North Parkway, Memphis, TN  38112

2:00-2:55 PM - Footwork and Using the Floor
3:00-4:15 PM - Solo Jazz: The Lenox
4:30-5:30 PM - Acro Yoga for Swing Dancers

Evergreen Presbyterian Church Basement
613 University Street, Memphis, TN  38107

7:00-7:30 PM - Beginner swing lesson
7:30-10:30 PM - Dance with Earl Lowe and Friends

*Intermediate level: Dancers attending this workshop should be comfortable with lindy hop, and, for the yoga class,  be comfortable either lifting people or being lifted in the air (safely, with spotters).


$30 - Pre-registered attendees
$20 - Pre-registered students
$40 - At the door
$10 general / $7 student - Dance only

FREE for Memphians who can host out-of-towners on Saturday night (see below)


Housing in Memphis is available but limited! There are some dancers who would not be able to attend an event without the ability to stay with another dancer, so if you have the ability to find your own accommodation, please do so. If you do receive housing, please express your gratitude to your host!  

Locals! Would you like the chance to meet and bond with cool people that you might never otherwise cross paths with? Would you like to feel the love and appreciation of the traveling dancers you host? Would you like to attend this workshop for free? We want out-of-towners to attend, so we need places for them to sleep on Saturday night.  If you have a spot on your floor or couch, please consider hosting.


Out-of-towners and locals who can't host:

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Locals who can host:

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Thank you for volunteering to host!

About Sommer:

Sommer Gentry and her long-time partner and husband Dorry Segev dance and teach 1940's Smooth Style Lindy Hop, Collegiate Shag, and Balboa. They love fast, upbeat music and fancy footwork. They have been dancing together all millenium and have competed and performed all over the world for audiences of thousands. They met dancing, and on October 18th, 2003, they were married in Ventura, CA. In 2006 they placed for the fourth time in the American Championships (watch the video!) and in 2002, while living abroad, they won the 2002 UK Championships.  Sommer's latest passion is yoga, especially acrobatic yoga, and she has enjoyed finding parallels between her yoga movements and leading and following during dancing and aerials.

When they're not dancing, Dorry and Sommer do research together. You can read about them in TIME magazine (September 12, 2005 issue, "Innovators") or Reader's Digest (March 2006). A recent story in the Baltimore Sun Magazine tells their story nicely.

Check out their website at for additional information!