What kind of dances do?

We focus on lindy hop, charleston, balboa, and blues. We teach an hour-long lindy hop lesson before our Saturday dances, but you'll see people doing a mix of swing styles at our dances.

Do I need to bring a partner?

Partners are never necessary at our dances or lessons; both couples and singles are welcome! Many people come by themselves and we usually have a good balance of leaders and followers. During lessons, we rotate partners throughout the class so you will have a chance to dance with lots of different people. At swing dances, it is common to dance with many different people throughout the night.

What should I wear?

We recommend any comfortable clothing and flat-soled shoes. Many people who like to dance eventually invest in a pair of shoes specifically for dancing --- these shoes have soles (usually leather or suede) that are specifically designed for dance. Contact us or talk to any instructor if you're interested in learning more about dance shoes.

For our Saturday dances, there is no dress code, though most folks will dress up a little bit.