Joshua Mclean

Joshua Mclean has loved dancing ever since he learned how to slip on his toddler-sized ballet slippers. He discovered lindy hop and jazz when he was 16 and began learning with the energy one would expect from military grade explosives. Since then he has traveled across the United States and Europe to further his study of solo jazz, charleston, lindy hop, tap, other traditional jazz dances, and African dance.

Josephine Kaye

Josephine Kaye is a vintage social dancer based in Memphis, Tennessee, specializing in lindy hop, charleston, balboa, and blues. Her background includes gymnastics, martial arts, and a degree in modern dance from the University of Memphis, making her an expert in the mechanics and kinesiology of the human body. She is a principal teacher and organizer for Red Hot Lindy Hop in Memphis, and also leads weekly classes in traditional American jazz dance at Rhodes College as well as other classes and studios. As a classically trained modern dancer, sculptor, and all-around artist, Josephine’s style of teaching is high-energy and focuses on the feeling and aesthetics of the dance. This style allows her to uniquely communicate to those who relate more intuitively to the dance.

Chris Ramirez

Chris started dancing salsa at age seven and has been heavily involved with dance ever since. His first experience with swing dance was while serving in Iraq in 2007. He fell in love with both swing and blues and had to share it with his fellow soldiers. The transcendent experience of these partnered dances have been a healing factors in dealing with PTSD.  Chris now brings this information to the troops by performing and teaching; bringing them joy and helping them learn to cope with their own struggles. Chris loved the swing dance community so much that he left the army so he could continue to pursue his passion for dancing.  

After moving back to the States, Chris deepened his appreciation for lindy and blues. He quickly rose to being a key organizational board member in his hometown. He began teaching the weekly event and has been an instructor ever since. Upon becoming a law enforcement officer, dancing was one of the tools that he used to bring communities together and was known as the “Lindy Copper”.  Chris moved to St. Louis to further pursue dancing and quickly became one of the core instructors. Chris now teaches regularly in New Orleans and has traveled the country to teach both lindy and blues.

Anna Baker

Anna Baker has devoted herself to the enrichment and education of others ever since she graduated college. In 2009, after dancing socially for only two years, Anna was invited by Sioux Falls’ lead instructor to help start a swing dance community. In 2010, she embarked on a seven-month tour of Europe, where she taught half a dozen different swing dance styles throughout England, France, and Germany. 

Anna has hundreds of students across the world, to whom she has introduced a beautiful and unique style of swing and blues dancing. She has competed with honors in both the United States and Germany.  In 2012, Anna made a return trip to Europe where she taught in Poland, Scotland, England, Sweden, and Germany. During the same tour, at the world’s largest swing dance camp in Herrang, Sweden, she taught an impromptu lindy hop night class. As a result of student and teacher request, she was invited to teach three more lindy and blues classes that week. During the night blues class at Herrang, they reached a record number of students.

On returning to the US, Anna moved to St. Louis, Missouri, where, within months, she became part of one of the top three teaching couples in the city. She has appeared in multiple magazine articles, has made several TV appearances and continues to teach workshops within the United States. Anna has become a fixture of the St. Louis dance scene, the place she now calls home. Throughout her seven years of dancing and teaching experience, she has maintained enthusiasm and love for the dance and the community of dancers.